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LGBTQ Groups Demand Tech Protections

By Charlotte Robinson, June 30, 2022

On the last day of Pride Month 24 groups including Fight for the Future, GLAAD, the National Black Justice Coalition & the National Lawyers Guild are asking Congress & the FTC to address big tech monopolies, fight Section 230 carve outs & crackdown on private & government surveillance to better protect our LGBTQ community. Our safety & freedom is more important than ever especially with the surge of recent anti-LGBTQ+ attacks on our community. Evan Greer Fight for the Future Director stated, “Pride Month should be a reminder of the incomplete work to liberate LGBTQ+ folks, especially those left out by the mainstream movement. This year, threats to queer & trans people’s safety, freedom & bodily autonomy are multiplying & technology can and must be a force for liberation, not oppression. Congress & the FTC have an obligation to listen to organizers & use their power to protect our community.” Jenni Olson GLAAD Senior Director of Social Media Safety added, “Like other industries before it, Big Tech’s products should be safe for consumers—both here in the US & around the world. Congress & the FTC must take leadership now to protect LGBTQ people & all of us, from the myriad of harms being inflicted on society by social media companies.” The letter to Congress concludes, “This Pride Month, you have the opportunity to honor our lives with action, instead of empty platitudes. Fighting monopoly power, preventing Section 230 rollbacks & cracking down on surveillance will help prevent technology from amplifying the existing dangers to our community.” 

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