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LGBTQ Leaders Protecting Abortions

By Charlotte Robinson, June 04, 2022


The National Center for Lesbian Rights released an open letter signed by 91 organizations representing our LGBTQ+ community voicing their strong support for the right to abortion. Joining the outrage & alarm being felt across our nation at the prospect that the U.S. Supreme Court may betray its role as the guardian of civil liberties & reverse Roe v. Wade. The letter calls on policymakers at all levels & in all branches of government to do everything in their power to protect access to abortion care. Julianna S. Gonen, NCLR Federal Policy Director stated, “The LGBTQI+ community stands shoulder to shoulder with advocates in the reproductive health, rights & justice movements & all who cherish true liberty, in condemning this impending retrenchment around our fundamental rights. It is imperative that those with the privilege of holding public office use all tools available to them – legislative, administrative, financial & other – to preserve & expand access to abortion care whenever & wherever possible. Anyone who cares about personal freedom & gender equality should be rising up in opposition to what the United States Supreme Court seems poised to do: rule that our Constitution’s guarantee of liberty is a hollow promise. If the Court overrules Roe v. Wade & Planned Parenthood v. Casey, allowing states to outlaw abortion, the fundamental right to bodily autonomy & the ability to determine one’s own destiny will vary wildly depending on the state in which someone lives. While this patchwork has been present to some degree in the past, it will grow far worse as some states rush to pass new laws to make abortion inaccessible or outright illegal.” For More Info…

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