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“Smothered” Second Season Cast Set

By Charlotte Robinson, June 19, 2022

The hit Amazon Prime series SMOTHERED has announced the cast for their second season. In the first season Randy (Mitch Hara) & Ralph (Jason Stuart) who also wrote & produced the series tell the story about a gay couple navigating their way through couples therapy. Now season two follows this despicable couple we love to hate living in a studio apartment at the LGBTQ center... after a brief stay in the county jail! The diverse cast of Guest-Stars include iconic lesbian Amanda Bearse (Bros & Married With Children) who plays "Katt Kentucky" the head of the center, Armand Fields (Queer As Folk & Work In Progress) as "No-No", Emmy Winner Jai Rodriguez as “Tito”, Veteran characters actors playing the parents are Robert Costanzo (Friends) as “Gerome", Ellen Gerstein (Venom) as “Goldie", Carole Goldman (ER) as “Gena" & back as "Rita” is the iconic Carole Ita White (Laverne & Shirley). The shrinks will be played by funny ladies Nicole Lynn Evans (Superstore), Aida Rodrigues (Fighting Words) & Krishna Smitha (Call Me Kat). Also rounding out the cast are Jasper Cole, Nic Few, Kareem Ferguson, Samantha Tan & Byron Quiros as “Edwardo”. Jason Stuart stated, “Our mission was to have a diverse cast, but not talk about it in the story line in the show. Just have it be.” This season critically acclaimed theatre director Carlyle King directed all the 9 episodes for season 2 & back is editor Robb Padgett with actress Erika Ervin from America Horror Story as executive producer. Stuart won The Indie Series Award for Best Actor in A Comedy for the first season of Smothered that I chatted with Mitch & Jason about. LISTEN  

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