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Florida Winning Against LGBTQ Hate

By Charlotte Robinson, March 11, 2024

As Florida’s 60-Day Legislative Session came to an end numerous victories were achieved for our LGBTQ community. Republicans had filed 22 of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ bills the state had ever seen including bills attacking the existence of transgender people, expanding Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” workplace policies, abortion bans with no exception for rape or incest, banning pride flags & symbols & much more. However 21 of the 22 bills were either stopped or neutralized. The only bill that did pass was Stop WOKE Teacher Training (HB 1291) which is very likely unconstitutional. Geoff Wetrosky, HRC Vice President of National Campaigns stated, “Despite years of relentless attacks & dehumanizing rhetoric, LGBTQ+ people & our allies have never given up the fight for Florida & we are shifting the momentum. People across the state showed up by the thousands to speak out & push back against anti-LGBTQ+ bills; & they are to thank for pushing back the tide of hateful & discriminatory policy. The fight to free Florida from the grip of Governor DeSantis’ devastating & extreme agenda of government censorship & intrusion into people’s lives is far from over & the devastation he & his allies have caused will last long after these politicians are gone. But the tide is turning. Perhaps the anti-LGBTQ+ fever in Tallahassee is beginning to break. The people will prevail." The defeat of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation was driven by the tireless advocacy of Equality Florida & LGBTQ & allied Floridians who have persevered through years of anti-LGBTQ+ policy attacks & dehumanizing rhetoric. 

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