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Washington LGBTQ Youth Inclusive Law

By Charlotte Robinson, March 19, 2024

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed SB 5462 that requires school districts to adopt curriculum that is diverse, equitable & inclusive of historically marginalized & underrepresented groups into law. The signing makes Washington the 7th state in the country following California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey & Oregon to pass a law setting a standard for inclusive curriculum across its public schools. GLSEN the leading national organization championing LGBTQ youth grades K-12 applauds Governor Inslee for signing the LGBTQ inclusive curriculum into state law. Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, GLSEN Executive Director stated, "A robust, inclusive education system is the bedrock of a flourishing democracy, yet it is currently under attack. From limiting lessons on Black history to banning books with LGBTQ+ characters, it's no surprise that LGBTQ+, Black & other marginalized students throughout the country are feeling less safe at school. By signing SB 5462 into law, Governor Jay Inslee has demonstrated a commitment to fostering inclusive & equitable learning environments for all students in Washington state. With seven states now embracing these standards, there is a growing momentum towards classroom instruction that accurately reflects the history & diversity of America. GLSEN commends Governor Inslee & the Washington Legislature for their unwavering support of inclusive education.” A 2021 National School Climate Survey conducted by GLSEN found that a majority (71.6%) of LGBTQ students do not have LGBTQ inclusive curriculum at their school. GLSEN is a multi-racial intergenerational LGBTQ organization working nationally & locally to transform K-12 educational systems in the United States. Since 1990 GLSEN has improved conditions for LGBTQ students across this country. 

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