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Don’t Say Gay or Trans Law In Florida

By Charlotte Robinson, March 13, 2024

LGBTQ leaders applaud the historic settlement challenging the constitutionality of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay or Trans (Parental Rights in Education) law. The two-year lawsuit ended dismantling most of the dangerously vague provisions that enabled school districts to restrict representation of LGBTQ people in curriculum, policy & personal conversation. Melanie Willingham Jaggers GLSEN Executive Director stated, “This settlement is a powerful testament to the tireless efforts of LGBTQ+ advocates who refused to back down in the face of discriminatory legislation. By dismantling the vague & harmful provisions, we've effectively turned the tables on those who sought to erase the identities of trans & non-binary students, parents, guardians & teachers. Though the fight isn't over, this agreement is a crucial step forward in protecting LGBTQ+ individuals in educational settings.” Rae Leiner, Field Director, National LGBT Task Force concluded, “The settlement of the challenge against the 'Don’t Say Gay or Trans' law in Florida is a welcome & life-saving development & a win for the people of Florida. This decision is the direct result of activist and community efforts to fight harmful & discriminatory laws. These attacks were inflicted by elected officials & far-right extremists who value their own political capital over the lives of LGBTQ people, people of color, & other marginalized groups. The win comes out of the testimony of hundreds of brave young people, organizers, activists & community members, from countless protests in the streets, from innumerable challenging conversations in living rooms. Advocates spent countless hours making sure Florida voters would see the real-life impact of this legislation would look during their lobbying season & their hard work paid off & we can now make clear that LGBTQ people, our lives & our history, will not be erased."

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