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Texas Black LGBTQ Advancement Event

By Charlotte Robinson, March 05, 2024

The Black Queer Advancement Festival (BQAF) takes place March 14th to 17th with the fabulous former Destiny’s Child group member LeToya Luckett headlining the BQAF Music Festival on Saturday March 16th at Warehouse Live Midtown (formerly Rise Rooftop) 2600 Travis Street in Houston, Texas. In response to recent comments by Texas Governor Greg Abbott dismissing claims of “systemic” discrimination against LGBTQ individuals the Normal Anomaly Initiative announced the release of 200 free tickets for their community to attend. Ian L. Haddock, Founder & Executive Director stated, “I believe in the power of unity & celebration as a force for change. In the heart of Texas, our queer voices & vibrant celebrations will not be silenced. Normal Anomaly Initiative stands firm, providing a platform for the LGBTQIA+ community to thrive. The Black Queer Advancement Festival is not just an event; it’s a statement of resilience, empowerment & our unwavering commitment to creating a world where every individual is free to be their authentic selves. The oppression of queer people is not just against our bodies & who and how we love, it’s against our joy. Events like BQAF is important because it reminds us to keep showing up, keep making art, keep dancing & keep living. Joy cannot be taken!” Also to enhance the celebration & create more queer joy Normal Anomaly is introducing a Friday Night Live event with special guest, LaTavia Roberson another former member of Destiny’s Child & a ballroom segment has been included at the BQAF Music Festival to honor queer, Black artistry & history. 

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