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Global Transgender Human Rights Study

By Charlotte Robinson, March 14, 2024

A new study released by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights entitled “Human rights & gender identity & expression” addresses long-standing & new challenges experienced by our transgender community globally. It includes those who are further marginalized due to their characteristics or status & addresses that trans people are a diverse group of individuals with differing experiences, identities & views. Commissioner Dunja Mijatović stated, “Realizing the rights of trans people is a matter of applying human rights equally to everyone & states have the primary responsibility to lift the barriers trans people are facing in exercising their human rights. Anti-gender & anti-rights narratives ultimately undermine the rights of everyone, but their focus on so-called traditional norms around sex, gender & expression is particularly destructive of the rights of trans people. The greater visibility & awareness of trans people at all levels of society & the significant progress made in providing better legal protection & recognition of the human rights of trans people across Europe, contrast with the shockingly high rates of discrimination, violence & insecurity trans people experience in their daily lives. There is no such thing as granting ‘special’ rights & realizing the human rights of trans people does not undermine the rights of others. Human rights are universal: they apply equally to everyone.” The report covers a range of issues such as non-discrimination, violence, family law, healthcare, legal gender recognition, asylum, employment, conversion practices, education & poverty & housing. It further addresses the rights & interests of trans children & youth in various settings, the recognition & protection of non-binary people & interconnections with gender expression. 

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