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Gay Straight Alliance Helps Our LGBT Youth

By Charlotte Robinson, November 15, 2011
The newest US study has found that LGBTQ youth whose schools have Gay-Straight Alliances generally go on to enjoy better mental health & advance their education. The study titled: High School GSAs & Young Adult Well-Being, is based on data from a Family Acceptance Project’s Survey, which examined the school-related experiences of 245 LGBTQ young adults ages 21 to 25. The study said the impact of GSAs was extremely beneficial in promoting a safer school environment. The authors suggest schools implement other facilities in addition to GSAs, such as anti-harassment & nondiscrimination policies & teacher training on how to intervene in harassment cases. Of course we have states that prevent GSA's in their school districts like Texas & New Mexico. Updates to Come...:)
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Russell Toomey said...

Given the recent attention to tragic deaths by suicide related to anti-LGBT school bullying over the past year, our research documents that having Gay-Straight Alliances in schools is an important way to boost mental health and academic achievement for LGBT young people. However, Gay-Straight Alliances should not be perceived as the only vehicle for creating safer school climates for students – clearly, our findings document that other LGBT-positive supports need to be implemented in schools for LGBT students to thrive.

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