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Homophobic Nigeria Passes Anti-Gay Bill

By Charlotte Robinson, November 30, 2011
Stay away from Nigeria. The Nigerian senate has passed a bill banning gay marriages defying a threat from the UK to withhold aid from nations violating gay rights. The bill by Africa's most populous nation calls for a 14-year sentence for anyone convicted of homosexuality. Anyone who aids or "abets" same-gender unions faces 10 years in prison, a rule that could target rights groups. It goes to the nation's House of Representatives for a vote before President Goodluck Jonathan can sign it into law. The bill passed Tuesday even though British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to withhold aid from nations violating gays rights, sparking outrage in Africa where leaders interpreted it as "colonial" display of power. Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries based on dated sodomy laws introduced during the British colonial era. You think this couldn’t happen in America? Elect one of these homophobic candidates running for President & see….Updates to Come…
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Amnesty International said...

This law would place a wide range of people at risk of criminal sanctions, including human rights defenders and anyone else -- including friends, families and colleagues -- who stands up for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people in Nigeria. Punishments across the continent range from fines to years in prison.

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