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Openly Gay Adam Lambert 2011 OUT 100

By Charlotte Robinson, November 07, 2011
Adam Lambert has been named as one of the most influential gays & lesbians for the 2011 OUT 100. He was honored by OUT Mag's OUT 100 in 2009 as well. This month he also graces the cover of The Advocate. It's an amazing month for Lambert. Last night he performed with Queen at MTV's Europe Music Awards & now he has been honored as one of the most influential members of our LGBT community. Perhaps he’ll do some concerts in the future for our LGBT community. This being such a crucial year to support the Dems & he seems to be such a fabulous favorite of our LGBT community....Let’s push for a big fundraiser with Adam, Lady Gaga & Elton John. That’s something we’d like to see….:)
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Adam Lambert said...

I think the hardest thing about being a gay celebrity is that we’re in the middle of a social rights movement and it’s a very hot topic, so we’re at a very pivotal time. Coming out was great, but there are certain issues that always surprise me and I think, Why is this an issue? I live and I’ve grown up in a space that is very accepting and open-minded; I surround myself socially with people that are artists and very bohemian and I forget sometimes that, OK, we’re dealing with mainstream culture now, which does not have the same mentality as I do. I think too that by nature I’m very contrary. If you tell me I can’t do something then I’m gonna push back harder and do it. I’m kind of rebellious, but I try to do it with a smile. I’m not a jerk about it. So a lot of what I did at the beginning of my career started to become reactionary. And also, I don’t know if I had the best guidance at the time. I was kind of flying solo in many respects, doing what I wanted to do. The people I was working with before are great people and I maintain friendships with them, they have amazing hearts. But I don’t know if it was quite the right fit on this journey, because it hadn’t really been done on a mainstream level in America, so it was new to everybody. We were all guessing.

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