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Soap "Days of Our Lives" Reflects Diversity

By Charlotte Robinson, November 03, 2011
Since my days of working in daytime drama better know as the soaps, a lot has changed for the better when it comes to LGBT characters. NBC announced they'll be adding a 2nd gay character in the upcoming weeks on Days of Our Lives. The role of Will Horton, played by Emmy nominated Chandler Massey will be the 2nd character to come out on the show. His love interest appears to be Sonny played by Freddie Smith who joined the show last June, as a "good natured young man who returns home to join his family." Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng stated, "We are excited to have the encouragement & support from both NBC & Sony to tell the inspiring story of a young man learning who he is as he defines & creates his relationships with others." With the dwindling daytime drama audiences this is a clever move on NBC’s part. When I worked in the soaps on The Guiding Light & As The World Turns the cast & crew was filled with off-camera members of our LGBT community. It’s nice to see a little more reflection of our LGBT community on-camera for a change. Updates to Come…:)
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Chandler Massey said...

I'm thrilled to be able to portray my character of Will Horton on Days of Our Lives in an empowering way as a gay man that will show his struggle to accept who he is. It is my hope that this coming out storyline will inspire others to be true to themselves as well. I'm going to be surprised who I end up with. There are a lot of guys on the show, so it’s going to be interesting to see who I end up falling for. Someone new? Someone on the show? We all make jokes, 'Who am I going to make out with first?' It’s going to be fun to see.

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