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By Charlotte Robinson, April 25, 2012
Our global LGBT people will suffer a great loss if Hillary Clinton steps down as Secretary of State after this year. Clinton recently addressed an audience at Syracuse University about the fact that many foreign leaders in Africa & Asia consider gay rights & women’s rights to be a “totally foreign concept.” She stated “I mean, the first response is, ‘We don’t have any of those here. Second response is, ‘If we did, we would not want to have them & would want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. And it’s your problem, United States of America, that you have so many of those people. So don’t come here & tell us to protect the rights of people we don’t have or that we don’t want.’ It’s a very difficult conversation because it’s just not been one that people have had up until now.” Clinton said the same was true for women’s rights: “If you’re someone, as I am, who believes strongly in the empowerment of women … in a lot of places, it’s just not understood.” Clinton echoed her landmark speech to the United Nations last year where she said: “human beings born free & bestowed equality & dignity, who have a right to claim that, which is now one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time. Some seem to believe it is a western phenomenon & therefore people outside the west have grounds to reject it. Well, in reality gay people are born into & belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths, they are doctors & teachers, farmers & bankers, soldiers & athletes. Whether we know it, whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends & our neighbors. Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality.”
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