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Obama Evolving or Avoiding Gay Marriage?

By Charlotte Robinson, April 10, 2012
Obama has avoided questions about his position on gay marriage for a year by hiding behind his weak excuse that he is "evolving" on the issue. So how will he justify his position as the momentum builds for the Democratic Party to include marriage equality in the party's official platform? He has an early led over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Does he really fear that supporting equality for our LGBT people will cost him a second term as President? Republican & Democratic platform debates in the 1980s created a partisan divide over abortion that seems to still exist 20 years later. Living in Massachusetts where gay marriage has been legal for 8 years as of May 17th this “evolving on gay marriage” rhetoric from the first Afro-American President is absurd. Last week 4 former Democratic National Committee chairmen issued a statement in support of openly endorsing gay marriage. They noted that nearly 24 Democratic senators, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi & tens of thousands of party activists already backed the issue. So what is Obama afraid of? He's asking our LGBT people for votes & money as he schedules to headline numerous fundraisers with our community & yet he still falls short of committing himself on this crucial civil rights issue. Though Obama's endorsement isn't necessary for the Dems to adopt a gay marriage plank it would be in his best interest to come out on gay marriage if he truly believes in equality for all. Updates to Come…:)
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