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GOP LGBT Discrimination Manifesto

By Charlotte Robinson, September 18, 2012
Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) has published the first streamlined side-by-side comparison of the new political platforms just adopted by the major parties regarding marriage equality & related LGBT issues. As you know the Democrats are LGBT inclusive while the Republicans want to change the US Constitution to discriminate against our LGBT community. In their official platform on page nine the GOP want to allow discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Then on page ten of the GOP really get into their hate agenda with plans to Amend U.S. Constitution to ban marriage for same-gender couples, ban weddings on military bases for same-gender couples, deny tax breaks to same-gender couples, allow immigration only for opposite-gender spouses & for federal civilian workers, deny benefits to LGBT families. On page twelve the GOP want to allow faith-based adoption offices to discriminate against LGBT families & of course allow public discrimination against LGBT people based on religious belief. Though the GOP continues to be silent on bullying it opposes “political correctness” on campus. Ned Flaherty, MEUSA Projects Manager who devised the chart stated, “This comparison contains everything you want to know at one glance. It’s invaluable for everyone who hasn’t seen the plans for LGBT people described in the political parties’ 4-year platforms. The Republican Party just voted to oppress LGBT Americans in 12 ways & the Democratic Party voted not to.” Updates to Come...:)
See Chart For The Full Comparison: marriageequality.org
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View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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