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Gay Boston Embraces Snow

By Charlotte Robinson, February 08, 2013
Latest Update: State of Emergency still in effect. Blizzard of 2013 Storm will end at 1P but then digging out will begin. We'll have pictures later. 400,000 people in Massachusetts without electricity & seacoast town of Hull Massachusetts having mandatory evacuation by National Guard. There's great concern about flooding on the coast with high tide at noon....

Update: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick declares a State of Emergency & signs executive order that all cars must be off the road by 4P. MBTA suspends bus & rail service by 3:30P. 6,000 National Guard are standing by. Is this the beginning of a Marshall State?
Since there seems to be such a media blitz about the "Blizzard of 2013" we thought we’d start a live journal from the snow banks of the lesbian utopian section of Boston, Jamaica Plain in Massachusetts. The snow started here about 10A Friday morning. Last night we stopped at our neighborhood supermarket Stop & Shop to get last minute supplies at around 10:30P & the place was packed with shoppers buying comfort food & essentials. This huge market had been so overrun with patrons that they had run out of shopping bags & had resorted to using rolls of garbage bags. Not too classy but it worked. Then getting gas. The gas station was packed at 11P. The media likes to sensational these storms. You know get the good ratings scaring us to death. It’s afternoon now & the storm is getting heavier. The TV weather teams are all predicting 2-3 feet of snow by midday Saturday for Boston comparing it the Blizzard of ’78. I lived through that snowstorm in South Pomfret Vermont so I suspect I’ll survive this one as well. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting all through this storm so our LGBT audience & allies can cozy up with us as we brace for The Blizzard of 2013. Updates to Come…:)

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