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Anti Gay Bill In Mississippi

By Charlotte Robinson, February 28, 2014

Even though Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona’s anti gay bill SB1062 we still have more states that are trying to pass similar homophobic legislation especially in the South. In Mississippi Senate Bill 2681 which would give any business or individual a license to discriminate against lesbian, gay bisexual, or transgender people is moving through the Mississippi House of Representatives. Lance Bass stated, “This bill doesn't represent the Mississippi I knew growing up. It doesn't represent the folks I went to church with every Sunday with my parents & my sister. And it certainly doesn't reflect the Golden Rule I learned about sitting in those pews – a simple moral code that says we should treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves. My sweet Southern mother has been a churchgoing woman her whole life & for a long time I was afraid to come out to her. But recently she made me so proud when she wrote a letter to our church in support of me & other LGBT people like me. ‘Seven years ago, we found out that Lance was gay,’ she wrote. ‘I will tell you that the first thing I did was fall to my knees and ask, 'What would Jesus do?' I almost immediately knew the answer: love my son.’ HCR is asking us to sign a petition against this bill.
For More Info: hrc.org 
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