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Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies

By Charlotte Robinson, February 03, 2014

It’s very sad news to hear that the fabulous actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died from an apparent heroin overdose. We loved him in “Capote” which he won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2006. He wasn’t afraid of playing gay roles. Our favorite was when he played a drag queen in the 1999 film “Flawless” with Robert DeNiro. I caught Hoffman on Broadway in 2003 when he appeared in “Long Day's Journey Into Night” with Brian Dennehy, Vanessa Redgrave & Robert Sean Leonard. He was fabulous as Jamie the debauched, cynical eldest son. The play ran for five hours with two intermissions & our seats were so close it was really like being part of the play. When we left the Plymouth Theatre Hoffman was outside by the stage door so we had a chance to chat & thank him for his amazing performance. It’s been reported that Hoffman had been avoiding drugs for the past 23 years but about a year ago, he began gradually with taking prescription pills until he resorted to heroin. He was in treatment in 2013. Gay Activist Jim Fouratt‎ stated, “Addiction is a snake ever ready to pounce. PSH was my neighbor & a sobriety friend. He for years regularly attended Perry Street, a 12 step-meeting house. But he slipped away when life became too busy ...or what ever. He did check into rehab over the summer. While there are backstory scenarios to try to explain what happened, the lesson to be learned from this tragic overdose is what they say in 12 step programs: First things first. Unless you put your addiction & recovery first you will be vulnerable to slipping back into addiction. I don't think he wanted to die, he just wanted to get high, but death is always at the door knocking & waiting for the junkie. Sad for his family sad for all of us who appreciated his acting & directing talent. Blessed be sweet Philip please go gently into the night.”
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