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Russia's Anti Gay Law Enforced

By Charlotte Robinson, February 10, 2014

While we watch the Sochi Olympics the founder of ‘Children-404: We Exist’ which is an online project that supports LGBT teens in Russia has been charged under the new “gay propaganda” law. Elena Klimova, a Russian journalist has been charged under Russia’s anti-gay laws for setting up a pro-LGBT page on social networking site Vkontakte. The project came to exist after she published an article about Russian LGBT teens in March of 2013. Klimova received so many letters from LGBT teens about their problems & concerns dealing with isolation, being bullied, depression & sometimes suicidal she set up the page ‘Children-404: We Exist’. The site publishes posts by gay teenagers talking about their struggle against homophobia & oppression in Russia. According to the charges against her Elena "had registered a web page propagandizing non-traditional sexual relations among minors, which took form of distribution of information among minors aimed at forming of non-traditional sexual affirmations, attraction to non-traditional sexual relations, distorted conceptions of social equality of traditional & non-traditional sexual relations." The court hearings are to take place in 15-30 days. Lena Klimova stated, “"In light of general trends in the country, I am not surprised. But it is very sad that letters from LGBT teenagers themselves are called "homosexual propaganda among minors". It is absurd! Milonov, the complaint initiator, has two demands: to fine me & to close the group. If it will be closed, LGBT teenagers will lose the only place where they can openly speak about themselves & receive advice they need to live. It will be a catastrophe.”
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