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Marriage Equality License Events

By Charlotte Robinson, February 18, 2014

Though gay marriage is now legal in 17 states we still have 33 states where millions of gay & lesbian couples cannot marry. For the last 16 years Marriage Equality USA organizers & couples have organized a Valentine’s Day Event to bringing attention to this discrimination forced on our LGBT community. This year from Philadelphia to Sacramento & from Salt Lake City to Cleveland in these 33 states thousands of gay & lesbian couples requested marriage licenses on Valentine’s Day to put a human face on this inequality still faced everyday by almost 200 million Americans. These License Our Love actions create a powerful narrative that inspires conversations in the media creates change in the hearts & minds of individuals across our country. Susan Swope, a member of the Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania & an organizer of their local event stated, “One hundred & fifty years ago, slaves in Maryland escaped across the border & were given refuge in Adams County. We find it sadly ironic that today, loving gay & lesbian Adams County couples are denied a license to marry & must cross the same border seeking the freedom to marry in Maryland.” Brian Silva MEUSA Executive Director added, “This Valentine's Day, I was honored to look back at 16 years of these powerful events & looking forward I continue to plan for the day when we are no longer required to be turned away at America’s marriage counters, but instead will have our love be recognized & licensed equally under the law across the land.”
For More Info: marriageequality.org
Listen: MEUSA Brian Silva On Gay Marriage In 2014

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