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Brian Williams Faking News

By Charlotte Robinson, February 08, 2015
Within weeks of Brian Williams Comcast on demand promotion campaign that was so contrived it made you switch channels, Williams steps down from his NBC Nightly News anchor position in the midst of scandal. Williams was caught enhancing an experience he had while covering the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Initially he reported that a helicopter in front of his was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. However in a 2013 interview & during the NBC Nightly News broadcast on January 30, 2015 Williams inaccurately recounted the incident, stating that it was the helicopter he was on that was "hit & crippled by enemy fire." Lance Reynolds, a flight engineer who was on board one of the 3 helicopters that had been attacked challenged his story & Williams apologized & owned up to his discrepancy. Up until Williams was called on his story fabrication he probably believed his story. Most likely as he has told the story over the last 12 years each year it got a little more enhanced to the point that he actually believed his helicopter had been hit. Williams will join the disgraced Dan Rather who also stepped down from the anchor desk after his fabrication about President George W. Bush's military record. But don’t feel bad about Williams. He’s been earning a cool 10 million dollars a year for his gig at NBC News. That comes out to about $192,000 a week. While Williams & NBC claim this is a temporary position until they decide what permanent action will occur weekend anchor Lester Holt will assume Williams anchor seat.
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