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Snowbound On Presidents’ Day

By Charlotte Robinson, February 16, 2015
Presidents’ Day is a US federal holiday that was a concept created in the 1950’s by the travel industry to create a three-day holiday weekend. It falls between Lincoln’s birthday on Feb 12th & George Washington’s birthday which is actually Feb. 22nd on the third weekend in February. Some people still call it Washington’s Birthday. It has become a huge sale day especially for the car industry. However this year there will be little traveling or shopping for Bostonians. In Boston it has become “Shovel The Snow Day”. The temperature hovers in the single digits with a brutal wind-chill of below zero. Our cars are cover with snow but even if you can dig them out the side streets are almost impassable. In South Boston they’ve make all streets one-way until May since the streets have become treacherous with snow-covered cars banks. So this year we celebrate the holiday hunkered down until the roads become safe for travel. We made a fabulous roast turkey dinner with roasted vegetables & for entertainment we’ll finally watch Boyhood with the fabulous Patricia Arquette & Ethan Hawke. Time to catch-up on some work, watch some serial TV shows, perhaps read a book & spend the rest of the time snuggled in bed listening to wind howl which can be very romantic on this cold snowbound holiday…:)
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