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Palm Springs Museum Art Event

By Charlotte Robinson, February 04, 2015
Michael Petry is performing his archery performance Libation to Eros at the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert on Friday February 6th at 5:30P. Libation to Eros was originally commissioned by the Alentejo Triennial in Portugal in 2014. In his performance Petry fires 54 arrows into a wall of cork while telling the story of the Greek God of desire & love. Petry carries the performance further by investigating the contemporary aspects of the classical world. The works references William Burroughs gunshot paintings on wood from the late 1980’s but as Burroughs’ work was violent Petry’s is minimized & historicized by the bow. Petry wants viewers of the performance to experience up close the power of an arrow piercing the flesh of a wall. For classical people, the notion of being struck by Eros’ arrow was a life & death event. Eros was always depicted as a virile male youth, unlike the Roman version of the god, Cupid, who was depicted as a baby. The arrow was the height of military technology & if you were struck by one in a battle, you almost certainly died. If you could remove the barb the amount of flesh torn from your body usually became infected resulting in death. Petry aims to restore the original meaning of the Greek story where the metaphor for love is being struck by a deadly weapon, the arrow, only to be reborn anew, in love. The Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert is at 72-567 Highway 111 Palm Desert, California. Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
For More Info: psmuseum.org
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