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New Gay Relationships Report

By Charlotte Robinson, February 13, 2015
With Valentine’s Day love, romance & the yearning for a satisfying relationship often becomes more magnified than any other time of the year. If you are in a committed relationship it’s not unusual to wonder if it will last. If you can’t seem to make that perfect connection, you may ask yourself what you’re doing wrong & if you are the type of person to go from one romantic hook up to the next, finding a partner who will rescue you from what you may think is a road to nowhere may seem impossible. In this new report Charlotte Markey, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University-Camden recently studied the relationships of 72 gay & 72 lesbian couples to help us understand which relationships seem to work, why others don’t & how to look at your partner in a realistic light. Markey stated, “We found that women with partners who are domineering overwhelmingly report low satisfaction in their relationships. Women value equality & don’t want to be bossed around. This finding suggests that over time assertiveness doesn’t wear very well with women. If your partner is domineering now, they likely will be that way 10 years from now.” For men the study found that any extremes in their partners’ personalities – whether they were overly passive or domineering, for example – led to discord in the relationship. Markey therefore suggests that you spend some time working on yourself before jumping into the next relationship. Working with a therapist may have long-term benefits for both you & your future significant other.
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