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The Diodes Rock Pop Montreal

By Charlotte Robinson, September 19, 2015
Legendary punk band The Diodes concluded their week-long Canadian tour at Pop Montreal performing at the Phi Centre. The Diodes were the first Canadian punk band signed to a major label. This was the band’s first Montreal appearance in almost 30 years. The evening began with a screening of the 1977 film “Crash 'n' Burn” directed by Ross McLaren which profiles the Toronto club & the bands that played there in the summer of 1977 including The Diodes, Teenage Head, The Dead Boys & The Boyfriends. Don Pyle then presented his "out of focus talking slide show" & photo exhibition, giving fans some extra insight into Toronto's rich punk history prior to the concert. Paul Robinson lead singer of The Diodes stated, “Pop Montreal was the highlight of our tour this year. Great getting back together with all of the original members of the band, John Catto on guitar, Ian Mackay on bass, John Hamilton on keyboards plus the awesome John Andrew from the UK on drums. It never ceases to amaze me that we still have the opportunity to get up & perform our brand of music to an ever-expanding young audience of curiosity seekers who still look up to our contribution as a first wave Canadian Punk band. It was great seeing Don Pyle’s slide show outlining the birth of Punk in Toronto with its strong ties between the LGBTQ community. It was an experimental time that blurred boundaries paving the way to a much freer & open community, where as outsiders, everyone supported each other.” Ralph Alfonso, The Diodes manager of 38 years, hosted the evening.
For More Info: thediodestoronto.com

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