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LGBT Rights Loss In Houston

By Charlotte Robinson, November 04, 2015
Once again we have the majority voting away the rights of a minority & in this case our LGBT community in Houston, Texas. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) had passed the City Council with the support of our pro-equality allies last year before being forced on the ballot by the all-elected Texas Supreme Court. Then the anti LGBT homophobes in Houston shamelessly & successfully spread misinformation & ugly lies about LGBT people in an effort to prey on voters' fears & distract them from the critical non-discrimination protections HERO provides. Laura E. Durso, Center for American Progress Director of the LGBT Research & Communications stated, “While there is no denying that this result is a loss for the people of Houston, including the city’s LGBT residents who only sought to be treated fairly, this vote also underscores the urgent need for federal action to provide clear, explicit & equal protections from discrimination for LGBT people nationwide. Despite the results in Houston, an overwhelming majority of Americans, including majorities of every race, religion & political party support LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination laws. Most Americans already think these protections exist nationwide & when the public is educated about the legal patchwork & reality of discrimination faced by LGBT families, the demand for action becomes unstoppable. After the passage of these laws in hundreds of cities across the country & in 19 states, the momentum is evident. If the LGBT community’s historic success with marriage equality tells us anything, it is that, in the long run, misinformation, negativity & fear are always overwhelmed by optimism, hope, & above all love.” Shame On Houston…
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