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Tab Hunter Talks Confidential

By Charlotte Robinson, August 22, 2016
In this exclusive audio interview I talked to Tab about “Tab Hunter Confidential” the fabulous documentary that’s being released by FilmRise in Blu-Ray & DVD August 23rd. This fascinating film is a must-see for our LGBT community, allies & beyond. In this intimate stylized documentary Tab narrates the true story of what it was like to spend his Hollywood years being gay in a precarious closet that repeatedly threatened to implode & possibly destroy him. Throughout the 1950s Hunter reigned as Hollywood's ultimate heartthrob in dozens of films & in the pages of countless magazines. Tab's astonishing looks & golden-boy sex appeal drove his fans to screaming, delirious frenzy, solidifying him the prototype for all young matinee idols to come. “Tab Hunter Confidential” is based on Tab's New York Times best-selling memoir & produced by Allan Glaser & directed by Jeffrey Schwarz (I Am Divine). Punctuating Tab's on-screen presence are rare film clips & provocative interviews with friends & co-stars including John Waters, Clint Eastwood, George Takei, Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Portia de Rossi, Noah Wyle, Connie Stevens, Robert Osborne & more. However most importantly Tab the man himself talks frankly about being a survivor of the Hollywood rollercoaster. I talked to Tab about his stellar career as he shared personal inspirational stories, lifelong survival philosophies & his spin on our LGBT issues.  LISTEN:
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Charlotte, this is such a touching and intimate interview. Tab Hunter was certainly a heartthrob, but he's a sweet and thoughtful human being. I love the documentary and listening to your conversation with him makes me feel warm and good inside.

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