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LGBTQ New Year’s Resolution

By Charlotte Robinson, January 01, 2017
In wishing our global LGBTQ community & allies a fabulous 2017 we have to remember that nothing is so bad it can’t get worse & at the same time not to worry about things that will never happen. It’s a fine line but we can be crafty & creative & continue to move forward in these challenging times. When we recently asked political humorist Kate Clinton how she sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in a Trump administration Clinton stated, “Well I think historically the LGBT community has been very creative & there’s a lot going on and this certainly is a challenge. On December 1st, World AIDS Day I went down to The New York City AIDS Memorial & you know you are reminded of the creativity & fierceness that the gay community reacted to AIDS & we really transformed a healthcare system & made sure we got drugs in a timely manner & we took care of each other & there was great art produced & great anger so I think that we have the resilience & we will do it again. We’ve had victories & we’ve had a very short life as a movement. So it’s understandable that we’ll have some setbacks but I believe in the creativity & wonderful things that we come up with. My fear is being used by the Trump administration & I think in passing the federal marriage law we really reached out & it was a great strategy reaching out to republicans like Portman of Ohio who has a gay son and therefore he supported full equality rights for gay people which I always thought like couldn’t you possibly like dreamed it up yourself on your own, you have to have a son? But anyways, so I think that what I worry about now is that we could be used. We could be a wedge issue again, a pink-wash. That the Trump people they’re lovely people, they have a lot of humanity, look how wonderful they are to gay people, which will drive a wedge between us & people of color & it’s a dangerous thing. I think we really have to be careful how we use the Trump administration. I think to say it’s the lesser of two evils, we’ll pick that but it’s still evil. I think we have to rely on a moral compass at this moment.” HAPPY NEW YEAR & Let's  Continue The Fight For Full Equality.
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