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Meryl Streep Rocks Golden Globes

By Charlotte Robinson, January 09, 2017
Meryl Streep’s remarks at the Golden Globe Awards were spot on. It was one of the best segments of the show. Of course it resulted in Trump going ballistic on Twitter but one of the best reactions we found was by Matt Thorn, Executive Director of OutServe-SLDN the LGBT military organization who stated on Facebook, “I think the most important part of Meryl's speech was highlighting the fact that this position, President of the United States, as the most revered office in the world comes with it an inherent responsibility that he or she who holds that office must to the best of their ability be the best of our country. Currently the President-Elect on several occasions has not exuded the core values that make up our country. This isn't to say that all previous presidents have been perfect but that they must try to be the better part of us & Mr. Trump has not & his Twitter reactions to criticism are evident that he is more concerned about himself. Disrespect is chiding a gold star family, discrediting a Senators military service because he was a POW, called a contestant on a beauty pageant fat & mocking a disabled reporter. It is not disrespectful to call & brings those actions to the forefront of people's consciences, it is accountability. Every president whether democratic or republican must be accountable for their actions because they are the representative of our country & should embody to the best of their ability what makes us good. Trump has not exuded that with his actions or behavior. I did not vote for Trump, I do not support his policies. I vehemently disagree with him but that is my right under the constitution just like it was Meryl's. It is our job as citizens to hold our public servants accountable on all sides of the aisle and in all offices up & down the ballot. Holding them accountable is not party based its constitutionally based.”
For More Info: outserve-sldn.org
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