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Trump Pens Attack On Immigrants

By Charlotte Robinson, January 26, 2017
Trump signed two executive orders calling for the building of his $14 billion wall at the United States & Mexico border. The executive orders also increase the policing, detention & criminalization of undocumented immigrants & stripped federal funding from local governments that are welcoming to undocumented immigrants. Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director stated, "President Donald Trump’s action is an egregious attack on immigrants & their families, including LGBTQ immigrants. Instead of taking steps to fix our broken immigration system, President Donald Trump is adding fuel to a fire that continues to tear families apart, deny undocumented immigrants of their human dignity & vilify Muslims. The President & Vice President are circumventing Congress by fulfilling campaign promises built on fear mongering, racism, bigotry, xenophobia & violence. Their agenda of hate is contrary to the core American values of freedom, justice & equality & downright dangerous to the lives of millions of black & brown people, LGBTQ people & allies in this country. This week alone, we’ve seen executive actions attacking women’s access to reproductive health at home & abroad; a decision to move forward with environmentally dangerous pipeline projects that disrespect indigenous people of this nation; directly attack & criminalize immigrants & Muslims & a direct attack on voting rights that is designed to strengthen arguments for voter ID & other barriers to exercising our constitutional rights. We will continue to fight back & resist President Trump’s deplorable attacks on the lives & wellbeing of the nation’s most vulnerable. We urge everyone to join us as we organize, train & push Congress to protect everyone against the devastating harm caused by President Trump & Vice President Pence administration’s agenda.”
For More Info: thetaskforce.org

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Marilyn Rosen said...

Should we view this new Trump era as a time of devastation of everything that is good and forward looking or an opportunity for us to unite both here and globally to get rid of the historic wealthy white male entitlement that excludes almost everybody else and work toward opportunity and equality for all?

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