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Black Transgender Lives Matter

By Charlotte Robinson, November 19, 2019
As the world recognizes International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) on Wednesday November 20th closing out Transgender Awareness Week the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) continues to call upon members of the Black community to show up as accomplices in working to eradicate the epidemic of violence that haunts the lives of Black transgender & gender non-binary people. Kylar Boradus, NBJC Board & Black TAC member states, “Trans visibility is important to trans people & others. We have always been visible in society (cities) & not an anomaly. Trans visibility helps to educate & inform." Van Bailey, Black TAC member added, “Trans people have existed since the beginning of time. We are not new. We are not a trend. We are members of your families & communities. We exist & we are not going anywhere.” Carmarion D. Anderson, Senior Minister & NBJC, Black TAC member concluded, "Trans people have existed through their visibility since the beginning of creation. We cannot erase, ignore, or segregate anyone from this divine form of creation. Recognizing trans-visibility in the world is to recognize the presence of life in everyone, formed in inclusive love." In 2019 there have been 23 reported lives lost to senseless acts of anti-transgender, hate & violence. Of the transgender & gender non-conforming murders that have been reported, at least 20 of those were Black people. There were 19 Black transgender women & one Black gender non-conforming person with hopes & dreams & plans for the future that will not be realized. We mourn & celebrate those we have lost.
For More Info: nbjc.org
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