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LGBTQ People Attacked In Uganda

By Charlotte Robinson, November 12, 2019
LGBTQ activists in Uganda confirmed that on Sunday November 10th an LGBTQ+ friendly bar in Kampala was raided & 125 people arrested & charged with drug possession, indicating an intentional & growing persecution of LGBTQ people in the country. Kasha Jacquelin, a Ugandan LGBTQ activist stated “The past has shown that it is difficult to prosecute anyone for being LGBT. Using trumped-up drug charges is a new & frightening tactic; one which is really hard to tackle & will make our battle even tougher.” Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International added, “The resurfacing of the anti-homosexuality bill in a country which already prescribes life imprisonment for same-gender relations could only have had one intention - to increase hate and stigma against LGBTIQ people, putting them at heightened risk of arbitrary detention & attack. That is exactly what is happening. The growing intensity of arrests, the clear targeting of an LGBTIQ friendly bar, makes it painfully clear that a witch hunt is being mounted against LGBTIQ Ugandans.” Persecution of LGBTIQ people has increased in Uganda in recent months, as rumors of the so-called “Anti-Homosexuality Act” which would impose the death penalty for same-gender relations have resurfaced. At least four people have been killed in suspected hate-motivated attacks. Arrests of LGBTQ+ people have also increased. Prior to the raid carried out on November 10th, 16 people were arrested & charged with “trafficking in persons” & “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” at the end of October.
For More Info: outrightinternational.org
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