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Palm Springs Stonewall 50 Exhibition

By Charlotte Robinson, November 05, 2019
The Palm Springs Art Museum is presenting “Touching History: Stonewall 50” a new exhibition recognizing the 50th anniversary of New York’s Stonewall riots that sparked the gay liberation movement & laid the groundwork for the modern struggle for LGBTQ civil rights now through March 29th 2020. Louis Grachos the museum’s CEO & JoAnn McGrath Executive Director stated, “We’re excited to present this exhibition of work that is provoking, poignant & in many ways, celebratory." Rochelle Steiner, Chief Curator & Director of Curatorial Affairs & Programs added, “Palm Springs Art Museum is proud to present Touching History: Stonewall 50 to recognize this important moment in history. Together, the artists in Touching History honor the struggles & tenacity of the queer community, past & present, through drawing, collage & photography & visualize queer kinship & community through their works.” Organized by Associate Curator David Evans Frantz the exhibition brings together an intergenerational group of eight contemporary artists—Marcela Pardo Ariza, Stephen Barker, Robert Andy Coombs, Jess T. Dugan & Vanessa Fabbre, Jonathan Molina-Garcia, Kang Seung Lee & Joey Terrill—who explore queer kinship, care & community through the immediacy & intimacy of touch. The exhibition includes a selection of intimate collages by Joey Terrill, produced while the artist was active in Gay Liberation & Chicano activism during the 1970s. Marcela Pardo Ariza presents staged photographs of friends & collaborators interacting with life-sized images of everyday queer people. Kang Sueng Lee & Stephen Barker’s photographs covers the AIDS epidemic affirming the need for connection & community in the face of stigma & erasure.
For More Info: psmuseum.org
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