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LGBTQ Asylum Seekers Mobile App

By Charlotte Robinson, November 07, 2019
Tech nonprofit Asylum Connect has launched the first-of-its-kind free mobile app for the tens of thousands of LGBTQ asylum seekers fleeing their homes for safer ground each year. Katie Sgarro, AsylumConnect Co-Founder & President stated, "Our free app instantly connects persecuted LGBTQ people with verified safe services & support. With today's launch, we have improved our platform's mobile accessibility & user experience at this pivotal moment for LGBTQ & immigrant communities." From leaving their dangerous home country to resettlement it is often a matter of life-or-death for our LGBTQ asylum seekers to be able to easily connect with legitimate & LGBTQ affirming lawyers & other direct service providers. LGBTQ asylum seekers & other LGBTQ populations (undocumented immigrants, homeless or isolated youth) use AsylumConnect as a free digital one-stop-shop referral site to meet their needs in all aspects of their lives, including: housing, legal, medical, mental health, education & employment. Lawyers & other direct service providers also use AsylumConnect to gather verified referrals. The AsylumConnect mobile app on iOS & Android offers an improved user experience. Since launching in 2016 AsylumConnect has connected over 11,000 unique users to verified LGBTQ & immigrant-friendly services in the U.S. & has been accessed in over 150 countries. AsylumConnect is a tech nonprofit providing the first & only digital resource platform for LGBTQ asylum. Next AsylumConnect will introduce enhanced map visualization, offline capabilities, new locations & an integrated private online community for LGBTQ asylum seekers.
For More Info: asylumconnect.org
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