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DeSantis War On LGBTQ People (VIDEO)

By Charlotte Robinson, August 20, 2023

Ahead of the first Republican Presidential Primary Debate new data from HRC underscores the incredible damage being done to LGBTQ people in Florida by the DeSantis regime. Nadine Smith Equality Florida Executive Director stated, “Ron DeSantis is inflicting deep & lasting damage on Florida with his war on freedom that bans books, censors curriculum, whitewashes history & replaces facts & science with extremist propaganda. The results of this survey make clear that we Floridians will be repairing the damage long after he has left the Governors mansion. Conferences are canceling, talent is fleeing and the best & the brightest are abandoning our universities as he guts academic freedom. The more the nation sees the impact of his reckless policies & hateful rhetoric, the further DeSantis plummets in the polls.” In the LGBTQ Community Survey 80% of transgender & nonbinary Floridians report that gender-affirming care bans impact their physical or mental health or that of their loved ones, 81% wanted to or took steps to relocate from Florida as a result from attacks on medical freedom & 93% reported feeling less safe as a result of these policies. Nationwide 62% of those surveyed said they would not consider moving to Florida as a result of restrictions on healthcare for transgender & nonbinary people. Florida is also ground zero with the current culture wars specifically drag artists under attack. In this fabulous video Drag Diva Randy Roberts addresses this issue honestly & flawlessly with a tribute to Governor DeSantis in a parody entitled “He’s DeSantis” to the song “It's De-Lovely”. WATCH VIDEO  

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