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New LGBTQ Americans Safety Report

By Charlotte Robinson, August 19, 2023

A new analysis of data from Community Marketing Insight’s (CMI) 17th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey, co-sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation & others reveals the universal impact gender-affirming care bans are having on LGBTQ adults. Nearly 8-in-10 LGBTQ adults report feeling less safe as a result of gender-affirming care bans & nearly half report that gender-affirming care bans impact the physical & mental health of themselves or their loved ones. This year with more than 550 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in 43 states & more than 80 signed into law has doubled last year number that was previously the worst year on record. Kelley Robinson, HRC President stated, “Just two months after HRC declared a National State of Emergency for LGBTQ+ people, this survey reveals that the current climate of hostility & fear is only growing worse & that gender-affirming care bans are taking a detrimental toll on the physical & mental health of LGBTQ+ Americans. Extremist, anti-LGBTQ+ politicians & their allies are waging a dangerous & cruel misinformation campaign that seeks to stigmatize not only gender-affirming care but transgender & non-binary people as well. Through fear mongering & propaganda, extremist leaders are working overtime to manufacture panic, rile up their base & coax them into opposing healthcare for transgender people, even though it’s endorsed by every major medical organization. The rhetoric & misinformation is having a virtually universal impact on LGBTQ+ people & further plunging us into a state of emergency that’s threatening the health & safety of every LGBTQ+ person.” 

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