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Missouri Transgender Healthcare Ban

By Charlotte Robinson, August 30, 2023

A federal judge in Missouri has denied a preliminary injunction on SB 49 the state's anti-transgender healthcare ban so it's now in effect. Missouri's SB 49 bans healthcare for transgender youth & for adults who are incarcerated as well as banning Medicaid from reimbursing costs for transgender healthcare including for adults. Aro Royston, Board Secretary for PROMO Missouri stated, “We are enraged not only has our government & elected officials failed us, but now our justice system has failed to do its job in protecting the most vulnerable of our population. The courts told the transgender community, parents of gender-expansive youth & the entire LGBTQ+ community that we do not exist, that we do not have the right to make our own medical decisions or the right to bodily autonomy. There is no categorical ban like this in the world making the actions of the Missouri State Government the most egregious in history." Justice Horn a Missouri community leader, chair of the City of Kansas City’s LGBTQ+ Commission & formerly the NCAA's first out gay multicultural college wrestler concluded, “Today is a dark day for civil rights in the state of Missouri. Missouri’s state government has successfully stood in the way of access to life saving care for so many of our community’s youth. They may win this legal battle, but the fight for greater access to gender-affirming care will continue because it has to; our youth deserve nothing less from us. To our community’s trans youth, we’re not going to rest until this injustice is corrected here in Missouri. Know that you’re not alone in this fight—we see you & we’re going to continue to fight for you.”                 For More Info… 


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