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In League with Devils Exhibit Extended

By Charlotte Robinson, August 24, 2023

The Luce Center for the Arts & Religion at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC has extended its exhibition In League with Devils by Michael Petry exploring forgotten Gods, resurrected rituals & queer desire until August 31st. Michael Petry is a leading multi-media artist, author & director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in London, UK. Stephen Fry stated, “Michael Petry celebrates the ceremonial, memorializes the mythical & acknowledges, honors & explores the deeper spirits within us whom we all feel & hear yet have always found hard to name. Our Gods our devils.” Michael Petry concluded, “In order for there to be Gods there has always had to be devils & artists, queer people, others in general, have always been labelled as bad, evil, devils. I feel like an archaeologist sifting through the sands of time to uncover the old stories, the old myths, the old beliefs on which modern believers act. I have bathed in the spirit of the ancients. Marduk & Thor, Brigit & Ra & Janus & Seth are only a few of the now-mythologized Gods of old. They are no longer held in the respect they were, but does that stop them from being Gods? Is it simply time that morphs a God into a myth & if so, what of the current Gods & devils? Will they, too, just become stories told around a campfire? If American Christian Nationalism is any indication, I know I am better off In League with Devils!” The exhibition is curated by Aaron Rosen, PhD, director of the Luce Center for the Arts & Religion. In League with Devils is accompanied by an eponymous hardback book with essays by Petry & more. 

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