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North Carolina Cruel New LGBTQ Laws

By Charlotte Robinson, August 17, 2023

Extremely bad news out of North Carolina where their General Assembly has voted to override Governor Roy Cooper's vetoes of two anti-transgender bills & a broad anti-LGBTQ curriculum censorship bill similar to Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill to take effect immediately. HB808 will prohibit the initiation of all gender-affirming medical care for transgender people under the age of 18 including puberty blockers, gender-affirming hormone therapy & surgery. HB574 prohibits transgender girls & young women in grade school & higher education from participating in school sports & SB49 is a curriculum censorship bill that also requires school staff to “out” transgender students. Allison Scott Director of Impact & Innovation at the Campaign for Southern Equality stated, “We need to call this what it is: An all-out attack on queer & transgender youth in North Carolina. The NCGA is going out of its way to blatantly enact the far-Right’s anti-LGBTQ wish list, causing harm & discrimination to young people in every area of life, from school to the doctor’s office to the athletic fields. You would have thought that the NCGA would have learned its lesson from HB2 & the havoc it caused for our state & our communities. We know this is a very difficult time for transgender youth & their families & for the LGBTQ+ community & our supporters across North Carolina. I also know that no law can stop the transgender community from charting our paths to thriving & living authentically – our community will make sure of that. Right now, help is available: Please reach out to our Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project to better understand your options & how you can continue to access gender-affirming care in neighboring states. We are sending solidarity & love during this relentless time." 

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