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It's UK National Coming OUT Day....:)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 12, 2010
Coming-OUT is definitely a rite of passage for our LGBT
community. We have to make ourselves visible if we hope
to be successful in gaining our civil rights. Oct. 11th in the
USA & Oct.12th in the UK is National Coming OUT Day.
Here's my story: I remember how difficult it was for me.
I tossed & turned about telling my parents. Then their was
this weekend when my girlfriend & I stayed overnight @ my
parents summerhouse. We were playing the game of separate
bedrooms. The bedrooms were divided by the only bathroom
in the house. It was early in the morning & I was having work
anxieties so I climbed into bed with Sue to talk about it.
Within minutes the door swung open & my Dad on the way
to the bathroom caught us in bed together. We weren't doing
anything but he knew & ran to tell my Mom.....
I was pretty much disowned for a year but they got over it.
Before my mom passed-away she said how lucky she was that
all her children had found someone to love.......:)
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Rick Andreoli said...

A Coming OUT Letter to My Younger Self…
Dear Rick,
Stop journaling about girls. No one’s ever going to find your journal, and no amount of wishing in the world is going to change reality.

You’re gay. I know it, and if you move past the fear you’ll know it, too. And once you get over that initial panic that your entire world will lose all control, you’re going to feel a sense of giddy peace and freedom that will set your soul on fire. It will be like that high you feel after attending a church youth group retreat, and when you compare those two spiritual sensations you’ll also recognize that you can be gay and still be a part of God.

It’s a lot to process in one year, I know, but you’ll be fine.

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