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Tim Gunn’s Teen Suicide Message (VIDEO)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 07, 2010
Openly gay Fashion guru & reality television personality Tim Gunn
has taped this video message urging our young LGBTQ community
considering suicide to contact The Trevor Project Hotline. Gunn
revealed in this video clip that he tried to take his own life by
swallowing 100 pills when he was a teen. Gunn's public-service
announcement was taped shortly after Tyler Clementi, a freshman
at Rutgers University committed suicide. Clementi jumped off the
George Washington Bridge the day after a video showing him &
another man having a sexual encounter was posted on the Internet.
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Tim Gunn said...

As a 17-year-old youth who was in quite a bit of despair, I attempted to kill myself. I'm happy to say today that attempt was unsuccessful. But at the time it was all that I could contemplate. ... I understand the desperation. ... I understand the despair. And I understand how isolated you can feel. Reach out. Get help. You're not alone. It will get better -- I promise.

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