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Obama & His Ignorant Administration

By Charlotte Robinson, October 19, 2010
Federal District Court Judge Virginia Phillips has denied the
government's request to stay the injunction against 'Don't Ask,
Don't Tell.' Judge Phillips imposed the injunction halting
enforcement of the policy last week after ruling on Sept. 9th
that the policy violates servicesmembers' First and Fifth
Amendment rights. Updates to Come...:)
Exclusive Audio Interview with Steve Parelli,
Executive Director of Other Sheep, a multicultural

ecumenical Christian ministry working worldwide

for the full inclusion of LGBT people of faith...


UPDATE: How Obama Betrayed Gay Rights...Read More....
Here we go again. Now we have Obama senior adviser Valerie
Jarrett declaring being gay is a lifestyle choice & then apologizes.
Sure we have a choice either be yourself or hide who you are or
worse. Obama has these golden opportunities to be faithful to his
campaign promises to our LGBT community but instead keeps
avoiding doing the right thing. His administration is appealing both
decisions by Federal Courts that have found the Defense of Marriage
Act (DOMA) & Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) unconstitutional. Then
he has the audacity to state that our equality will be addressed on
‘his watch.’ Like when will that be? In the meantime he isn’t taking
any responsibility for putting our LGBT community in harms way.
Updates To Come…:)
Exclusive Audio Interview with New York
Gay Activist Cathy Marino-Thomas, President

of the Board of Marriage Equality New York on

the appalling gay bashings in New York & more

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Valerie Jarrett said...

Well, I think what we've seen over the last few months are some very tragic deaths of young people -- our children. And avoidable deaths, they were driven to commit suicide because they were being harassed in school and driven to do something that no child should ever be driven to do. And in many cases the parents are doing a great job, their families are supportive. Before I spoke at the HRC I met backstage with Tammy Aaberg, her son Andrew, these are good people. They were aware that their son was gay; they embraced him, they loved him, they supported his lifestyle choice, but when he left the home and he went to school he was tortured by his classmates.

Valerie Jarrett is senior adviser to Obama

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