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NYC Gay Bashers Indicted (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 29, 2010
Exclusive Audio Byte with NYC Rev. Steve Parelli
on gay bashing incident...

Hear Parelli's full interview @ OUTTAKE VOICES
A grand jury Thursday indicted three accused gang members
for their alleged roles in the horrific & vicious gay-bashing attack
in the Bronx. Elmer Cofresi, 23, Nelson Falu,17 & Ruddy Vargas,
22, are charged with multiple hate crimes in the anti-gay gang
assault this month. Seven alleged members of a homophobic gang
known as the Latin Kings Goonies have been charged in the brutal
robbery & assault during which two men were sodomized with
wooden objects. Four teens originally charged in the case were
released following an investigation by the Bronx district attorney's
office. "It's good to know they'll have to answer for what they did,"
said a cousin of one of the victims. "I hope they go away for a long
time." The defendants are due back in court Nov. 23rd.
Exclusive Audio Interview with Tracy Baim,
Chicago-based journalist on her new book “Obama
and the Gays: A Political
Marriage” & more...

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1 comment:

Steve Parelli said...

I feel those who bash gay people have a sense of insecurity. They lack any kind of identity about their own sexual orientation or who they are to have to bash anyone indicates that the person is troubled somehow. Definitely the gay basher needs help, he needs some kind of reform, education and I think society needs to address that.

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