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Czech First Gay Pride Festival Prevails

By Charlotte Robinson, August 13, 2011
It looked like any typical gay pride parade held in America.
Thousands marched in Prague on Saturday at the climax
of the first gay pride festival in the Czech capital defying
a counter demonstrations by conservative groups.
LGBT community came from all parts of Europe as well
as the Czech Republic. Some 300 police were on duty to
prevent the sort of clashes that upset a gay march in
Brno the country's second largest city in 2008.
The 5 day pride festival began Wednesday & sparked
controversy that began with a top aide to conservative
President Vaclav Klaus labeling gays as deviants. Klaus
then backed Hajek, saying the parade was a manifestation
of "homosexualism," not homosexuality & that he
perceived "deviant" as a "neutral word in terms of value."
This prompted a joint statement from the ambassadors
of Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Estonia,
Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland & the United States in support of the gay
pride festival. Hillary You Rock!!
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1 comment:

Elke Parsa said...

“Homosexualism” is, according to Czech President Klaus, an ideology. And a dangerous one. Among other "isms" representing fashionable ideologies that petrify the Czech president are feminism or environmentalism. Klaus is, besides a sorry bunch of neo-nazis the only Czech getting himself all worked up about this.

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