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Gay Marriage Rally in Dublin Ireland

By Charlotte Robinson, August 14, 2011
This was a busy weekend for European gay rights activists.
Thousands of people marched for marriage equality in
Dublin Sunday.
The Civil Partnership Act was officially introduced in the
country in January but activists believe the union doesn’t
go far enough to recognize rights for partners especially
when it comes to having children. Under the current law
if one parent in a same-gender family dies the other parent
has limited care rights for the child. Max Krzyzanowski
from gay rights group LGBT Noise stated “This is nothing
short of State-endorsed discrimination in having separate
laws for one section of society.” According to an Irish survey
released in March, 61% of the Irish support legalization of
gay marriage. Sound Familiar? Updates to Come…:)
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Brian Kennedy said...

Civil partnership is a step in the right direction, it’s the first rung on the ladder but there are still another 150 rungs to go before we get to equality in marriage.I could go to any other country in Europe and get married, but I can’t here. It’s either a family or it’s not - that strikes me as the greatest issue of inequality.

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