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Rick Perry Signs Homophobic Vow

By Charlotte Robinson, August 26, 2011
Big surprise Rick Perry has signed that nasty homophobic petition to back a federal constitutional amendment against marriage equality. Some folk think it’s a reversal from a month ago when the Texas governor said he was supportive of individual states' rights & that he was fine with New York's approval of gay marriage. But we know he’s just another hatemonger like the other GOP presidential candidates with the exception of course of the openly gay republican candidate Fred Karger. Perry told the chief homophobe Tony Perkins of the anti-gay Family Research Council, "Obviously gay marriage is not fine with me. My stance hasn't changed. I believe marriage is a union between one man & one woman." Since 53% of the country disagrees with his position & supports marriage equality it’s going to be a very interesting year. Updates to Come….:)
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Rick Perry said...

I do not believe in condemning homosexuals that I know personally. I believe in valuing their lives like any others, as our God in heaven does. Tolerance, however, should not only be asked of the proponents of traditional values. The radical homosexual movement seeks societal normalization of their sexual activity. I respect their right to engage in the individual behavior of their choosing, but they must respect the rights of millions in society to refuse to normalize their behavior.

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