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Sign the Petition for Bert & Ernie to Marry

By Charlotte Robinson, August 10, 2011
LGBTQ teens are up to four times more likely to attempt
suicide than their heterosexual peers. Over past year we've
experienced the horror of numerous teens who have taken
their own lives after facing bullying incidents. Our LGBTQ
youth need positive role models & who would be better
examples then Bert & Ernie coming out of the closet &
marrying on Sesame Street. This idea is brilliant & timely.
With the mainstream GOP candidates condemning LGBT
equality there couldn’t be a better time for this marriage
to take place. Just think how it would impact our country
in the most loving & positive way. Updates to Come...:)
To Sign the Change.org petition…..
Exclusive Audio with Paula Poundstone
about her current tour, NPR series, LGBT
issues & more

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™
View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


Diana Bubar said...

I am happy to endorse such a petition. If more children were aware of the LGBT community at younger ages, and that it is okay to be yourself, hate crime rates would go way down. I know Sesame Street had a huge impact on my life as a child in a good way. I would personally like to see Bert & Ernie get married, or have them bring a transgender character to the show. It would mean a lot to our next generation.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for gay marriage and equality but come on people! Even the "straight" muppets aren't married on that show. My son is 2. I don't see why any child that young should have to learn about sexuality. He's still learning how to count. We've already thrown sex or sexual innuendos into just about every children's movie in the past decade. Our kids need a place where they can just learn without all of that (gay or straight). I think we should consintrate on equal rights in more important avenues than Sesame Street, don't you think?

Charlotte Robinson said...

Are you serious? Marriage has nothing to do with sex. It's about a bond and legal agreement between two loving and committed people. They show heterosexual married couples on kids shows all the time. It's time that we evolve. It's nothing kids can't deal with. It's all about love.

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Zadoc said...

I am all for gay rights, but I am sick of hearing that Bert and Ernie are gay. They're friends. It's possible to have a friend without wanting to have sex with them.
POLL: Should Bert and Ernie get married on 'Sesame Street'?
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/1661460

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