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Kill the Gays Bill Dies in Uganda

By Charlotte Robinson, August 23, 2011
The Uganda Cabinet has finally thrown out the “Kill the Gays Bill” on the advice of Adolf Mwesige the ruling party lawyer. However David Bahati, the homophobic architect of the Bill insists the proposed legislation is now property of Parliament & that the Executive should stop “playing hide- &- seek games” on the matter. The decision to throw out the Kill the Gays Bill was made at a Cabinet meeting last week where Mwesige told ministers that the Bill was unnecessary since Uganda has a number of laws in place criminalizing gay activities. The Kill the Gays Bill criminalizes all gay relations in Uganda & proposes the death penalty for sodomy. Homophobe Bahati & his group maintain that the country should have stronger laws against our LGBT community in order to protect the moral fabric that holds society intact. Sound familiar?? Wake Up America!! Updates to Come...
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Julian Pepe said...

We are aiming at that person who has never seen a gay or who hates gays so that they know that we are humans and that we are also parents, teachers, lawyers and doctors. We want them to know that besides what we do in the bedroom, we are also humans and need respect. We hope that by approaching people they can overcome the anti-gay sentiment. Our volunteers will approach a person and say, 'I am gay so do not fear me.' People are beginning to understand us. We are fighting against this violence against gays and lesbians.

Julian Pepe is head of Sexual Minorities Uganda

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