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Gay Ally Anne Hathaway Speaks OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, August 19, 2011
Gays ally Anne Hathaway has been in NYC making the TV talkers scene promoting her new film 'One Day'. She has been very outspoken for our LGBT community. We loved her in "The Devil Wears Prada" &"Brokeback Mountain". She has a role as Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic & an appearance on "Glee," as Kurt's lesbian aunt. Not to mention she’ll be playing the iconic Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises" that’s currently in production. Hathaway has done an "It Gets Better" video, received an award from HRC & quit Catholicism in support for her gay older brother. The 'One Day' actress who has been in a relationship with actor Adam Shulman for 3 years stated, "I'm convinced that a few guys I've dated are gay & they won't admit it. I think we've all done that." Hathaway also thinks that her home state of New Jersey should "get on the New York bandwagon & make steps to legalize gay marriage”. We couldn’t agree with her more & that’s why we love Anne Hathaway.
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Anne Hathaway said...

Love is universal. Anybody who has a heart can relate to what it is to have it broken again and again and again, and like I said, that's universal - gay, straight, questioning, whatever you are. Round of applause for New York! I was so happy. I couldn't believe it. All the pictures of the couples who have been together for so many years - some people for over 60 years, like those two ladies that got married first - adorable! And that wonderful couple who had a profile done on them - one gentleman is in his 80s and the other is in his 70s and they've been together for over 65 years or something like that and they met at Julliard - it's just beautiful. Long overdue but so welcome. Now the rest of America, get on it! Enough with your nonsense and foolishness.

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