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Prop 8 Drags On In California

By Charlotte Robinson, November 17, 2011
The California Supreme Court has once again dodged the bullet by granting the homophobes an opportunity to appeal last year’s decision that found Prop 8 totally unconstitutional. So now the case returns to Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals for a ruling on Prop 8. As you know last year after over 2 weeks of trial the federal district court found that Prop. 8’s exclusion of committed gay couples from marriage violated the fundamental fairness & equality guarantees of our Constitution. We hope that the Ninth Circuit will uphold that decision or conclude that under federal law marriage equality opponents cannot continue to litigate the case.
Updates to Come…:)
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Stuart Gaffney said...

Every day that Proposition 8 remains in effect, loving committed gay couples are being denied their fundamental freedom to marry. Many couples, together for years, are still being forced to wait for Prop 8’s ban to end so they can plan their weddings. They’ve waited long enough. We look forward to the case now returning to the 9th Circuit and are very hopeful that the court will find that Proposition 8 violates same-gender couples’ freedom to marry.

Stuart Gaffney Media Director for Marriage Equality

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